5 signs that a website is not ready for 2023

More than half the year has passed, but many websites still seem stuck in the past. [...]


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5 essential aspects of a successful website in 2022

There is something that everyone knows better than others, yet no one is really sure about at all. To achieve this, we have to explore the expressed [...]


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The Host with the Most – Which hosting solution suits You best?

When it comes to hosting, such a thing as ‘best practice’ simply does not exist. However, as diverse this area of expertise has become, there are viable and suitable solutions for each […]


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Is it a sick website, or is your website sick?

Pharmaceutical products and brands by definition are meant to improve the lives and overall well-being of patients and people in general; [...]


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Error messages that don’t frighten users

We totally agree. However, it is indisputable that user interactions will eventually lead to errors. Even though when designing an interface our intention is to create a barrier-free, [...]


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Cross-platform mobile apps

This post is a friendly introduction to the developing landscape of cross-platform mobile apps through an accessible description of two wide-spread frameworks that rely on web technologies: React Native and Apache Cordova. [...]


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User experience and beyond

Designing, planning. These are parts of our everyday life. We plan every day: what to eat, when to get to work, how to reach our goals… etc.; you name it. [...]


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Sziget Festival

Sziget Festival is one of the largest European festivals in terms of visitor numbers, the umbrella corporation behind Sziget is also responsible for multiple smaller festivals such as Volt, Balatonsound, Strand Festival and Gourmet Festival. [...]


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