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Business Üzleti szolgáltatások
Webpage analysis Webpage analysis

Dedicated Project Management

With a single point of contact, our clients get a dedicated project manager who interprets their business needs and translates our internal workflows to achieve that goal.

Business Analyst and Intelligence

Review and interpret our clients’ results and help them set realistic and achievable goals. Throughout the process, we identify the low hanging fruits to achieve short-term business success. To achieve medium and long-term goals, we catalyse business development through our arsenal of tools and services.

Business Model Strategy

With our service and product design experts we assist to design and fine-tune your business model. Our goal is to create a sustainable, economically profitable model that benefits our customers and users.

Analytical Review

Our marketing experts examines and evaluates your business, target audience, market and competitors to create a customised, data-driven digital plan for your business. The technological SEO optimization of the website by The Pitch.

Content Management

Our content management systems make it easy to keep our sites up to date or even add new content without any special knowledge. Different privileges can be assigned to users, allowing the system administrator to assign different levels of access to perform different jobs and access different data. 

New content can be created using the resources of our design team of experienced graphic designers, photographers and copywriters.

Webpage project management Webpage project management

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