We got an outgrown page structure from 800+ subpage for redesigning with a well-defined userflow goal and a tight deadline. Challange accepted.


The exciting UX part was to find a better userflow within this huge content keeping in mind the main aim of this project: better understanding of donation.

On the other hand, we needed to design a long-standing, stable structure that easily can be extended. Considering the size of the original website it seemed to be a real exciting challange. And indeed it was. We needed to make it understood how people can help children by donation and how UNICEF gives opportunities for this and what does itself. The icing on the cake, there was a less flexible corporate identity with hundreds of beautiful photos to use.


Finally, we brought the UNICEF into 2017 with a fully responsive, redesigned and restructured website where the donation flow is the key element. We successfully proved that an idea can be modern and adaptable within more time intervals, at the same time.