We are a group of agencies, focusing on developing talented people and creative specialisms. Through insight, we help brands improve their performance and connect more meaningfully with their customers.

Digital Development

Website development

A well designed and professionally programmed site is an integral part of your online success. When the menu system is organized, the site is user friendly and functions reliably due to the programming, your customers will spend more time there and gladly return.


User Experience and User Interface

Do you know how many people visit your website? Look deeper into the statistics of your visitors, get to know their behavior on your website. Whereon do they click? What and how long do they look? All these data can be helpful in making your website even more effective. Bring out the most of internet presence!


Facebook App Development

Within the frameworks of our service we will help you create your own Facebook page and prepare it for numerous fans. Preparation means doing the necessary graphic design works (cover photo, logo) which since they play an emphatic role on the site it is vital that they give the right first impression about you. If you want the history of your company to appear on your page, thus bringing your clients even closer to your company, we will create the relevant milestones on your completed timeline.


Banner design and execution

If you would like to make your business conspicuous with a banner campaign, we undertake the full design and execution of all kinds of banners; from the simplest ones to the most complicated. Want to stand out of the sea of ​​banners? You have decided that with a video you could  transfer your message a lot better? Create a video banner with us! Our audiovisual team shoots and cuts the commercial, and then our programmers will transplant it into a video banner.


Branding: Corporate Identity design

Do you want to spice up the appearance of your company or maybe want an entirely new one? Our skilled designers will conceive an image with or for you, with which your clients will easily make friends and that will make your company stand out from the monotony of concurrency. We undertake also  the design and creation of the corporate identity manual (CI) so that artworks, which will surely fit the image of your company  can be made during any kind of graphic design work in the future.



Can not find the words? Our battle-hardened lyricists are willing to go even to the end of the world to find the right phrases, which are customized to your target audience and  follow the tone of your business, while they effectively deliver your message to the readers of the lines.



Do you want to appear offline as well? Our graphics team is highly trained, not only in the production of online but also offline materials, therefore we undertake the graphical design and pre-press preparation of entirely offline materials as well.

Online Marketing Tools

Google Adwords Campaign

Google’s highly targetable, simple and quick-click (CPC – Cost per click) advertising service by which your website appears emphasized on the first page of the search result page. Our experts help you with selecting your keywords, producing an effective advertising text and managing the entire campaign.


Search Engine Optimization

If your potential client is not yet familiar with your company it is likely that he will use Google to find a site he likes in the topic. In order to make your site achieve a high ranking in the search, therefore to appear among the first results in a Google search, it is essential to have your website properly optimized.


Facebook Ads

For conventional ATL advertising Facebook provides  its own advert service that can be optimized to the users so that you can be sure that you reach the demographic group that is right for you. On Facebook the overwhelming majority of members are the representatives of the 18-44 year old age group


Facebook content management

Want to launch a game on your Facebook page? Do you need a form, which can be completed by your Facebook fans? Or maybe you want to place an interactive map application to make finding your business easier? If you want any kind of application to be made, turn to us! Our team of experienced, professional programmers ​​make quality apps in many different programming languages.


Performance eDM design and programming

Nowadays there are many email programs and if the programming is bad it is possible that it’s not the envisioned e-mail that arrives to some of your clients’ inbox. Prevent any nuisance and choose a professional team who will ensure that your message arrives to your client without problems.


Database management

A well-maintained, monitored and managed database is of great value to every company. Do not loose your clients because of poor management.

Photo – Video – Motion Picture

We are wizards of the visual world and sure have a few tricks up our sleeves. Our team can make you appear in front of the audience, casting the best possible light on your business. Whether it is a still or motion picture you are trying to capture, we will help you with photography, clip editing and special aerial shots as well.


Air Intake


Business Portre


Event Photography


Movie clip capturing


Photography and on site printing

Mobile Development

A smart business caters for smartphone users. Name a gadget, name an operating system and our dexterous digital developers will code anything your users demand. Our apps are clever, eye-catching and streamlined – this is how it should be DONE.

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