At user experience (UX) design process our professionals create products that provide meaningful and relevant digital experiences to users.

UX design process UX design process

Research and evaluation

At user experience (UX) design process our professionals create products that provide meaningful and relevant digital experiences to users.


At the beginning with a stakeholder interview, we assess what the customer’s business, technical and marketing needs are.


During the best practice research and competitor analysis we understand the dedicated market and identify opportunities.


UX analytics and user interview are the study of user actions that provide insights to identify shortcomings in the actual user flow and improve the overall user experience.
Then with card sorting research method participants sort labels for content into larger categories, enabling the UX team to design an information architecture that makes sense to users.


The empathy map helps our designers get to know the potential audience and to understand the reason behind actions a user takes.


A user journey map focuses on the user experience of a website. We gain insight into how a customer interacts with a website and what they might find helpful or frustrating.
By summarising the experience of this map, we are able to determine a visitor’s path on a website to finish a specific purpose using user flow.


Information architecture is a visual representation of the website infrastructure, features and ranking. This blueprint includes navigation, functions and contents.


Based on previous information we are ready to create a monochromatic diagram called wireframe. It shows the framework of a website’s user interface (UI) and core functionality.


At this point we build a prototype: we use the wireframe’s structure and logic to create a simple model of the website that can be used for testing before launch.


At the last stage of proposal we create functional specifications to smoothen the process of the implementation and inform developers what to build and how.


We run usability test on our design and check with a group of representative users how easy a design is to handle.


A/B testing involves presenting two (or more) versions of a design to users to see which performs better.

User experience User experience

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