Our longtime partner Enian has approached us with a novel challenge: help them to communicate their vision and proposition to potential users and investors in the form of a 2 minute animated video. They have supplied us with a pre-recorded voiceover and script, and we set an illustrator and a motion designer on the task.



Line art

3 pt

Rounded cap

Rounded corner


Proxima nova - regular

Proxima nova - bold

Working together with our client, we selected a few key sentences from the script, and drew up a storyboard on paper demonstrating the key scenes and the proposed animations. After getting the go-ahead on the storyboard, our illustrator completed two detailed styleframes using Enian’s brand design guidelines. We decided to use a monochrome, minimal style in order to emphasize legibility and clarity, as we felt that the subject matter required that.


A full set of self-designed vector graphics for the animation


With the visual style locked in, our illustrator took on creating every graphical asset needed, while the motion designer prepared a test run of the first scene. We delivered the animation to our client almost scene-by-scene, incorporating feedback on the fly. Almost real time communication between the designers and the client made it possible for us to deliver the final video in a very short timeframe, and without any extensive change requests.